Perhaps astronomers will be asked if our two apartments are called Orion and Polaris and our private Milky Way attic? Yes, that’s right, we are “astronomy friendly”! But our passion does not end here. In fact, our lawn under the Chalet Nata is ideal for astronomical observations where in the clear nights you always see the Milky Way with eye. If you ask us to dedicate an evening to the observation, we turn off all the lights around our home and if you wish, we will provide you with one of our telescopes for astronomical observation or photography.

For technicians, we have a Newtonian Reflector of 802mm focal length, a 208mm mirror with a relative f / 3.9 brightness, ideal for astronomical photography (we have Canon and Nikon mounts) and a Refractor focal length 1200 mm and lens diameter 127 mm with relative brightness f 9.4, ideal for observations, species of planets and moon. Both motorized equatorial mounts on both axes and bracket for direct mounting of the camera with their own lens.

The ideal months for astronomical observations are September, October and November, although every month of the year gives its fantastic evening, of course weather permitting.

Cover photo made from the lawn under the Chalet Nata with a simple 16 mm f 2.8 Canon FF camera and lens on motorized mount in a single 20-second shutter.

Below it is the Orion Nebula realized with the Newtonian Reflector and 30 seconds of exposure.