All the technology for the best energy saving

A house surrounded by the silence of nature could only respect it.

That is why we decided to use all of the technology that our age has made available to do something for the environment.  The house is fully insulated, starting from the foundations and thermal bricks have been used on all the walls, together with building techniques to guarantee low levels of heat dispersion.  The structure is completed by insulated doors and windows and a full covering of polystyrene. klimahouse

The roof is in wood and also insulated with all of the criteria of a climatised house; it has 20 sq m of solar panelling to heat the domestic and central heating water.  Hot water is stored in a 1,500-litre tank, divided into two sections: one for household use and the other for heating.  Chalet Nata is heated in a special way; in fact, you won’t find any radiators inside the apartments as the hot water passes through coils inside the walls. This means it is possible to heat the entire house while maintaining the temperature of the water at just 30° instead of the 70° needed for traditional heating systems.  The solar panels are aided, especially on colder days, by a modern bio fuel boiler that burns pressed wood pellets.

No oil or gas or other fossil fuels are used.  The whole system is automatic and computerised and it also keeps CO2 emissions under control as well as the temperature in each apartment.  And if you want a warmer atmosphere after a day out on the pistes, there is a water stove that heats up immediately using a simple thermostat control.