When a dream becomes reality!

It’s the story of Ally and Valerio that occasional guests of Chalet Nata became permanent guests. In fact, after a few years in the Val di Fassa and the Chalet Nata, both in winter and in summer, life in Padua for them was not the same.

So they made the most important step in their lives, moving from Veneto to Trentino. Ally and Valerio, a happy couple who wanted not only to marry in Val di Fassa, but wanted to celebrate their wedding in Vigo di Fassa then celebrate them together with family and friends right at the Chalet Nata.

Currently Ally and Valerio also work in Vigo di Fassa and have opened a center that specializes in posture and personal training, both being graduates in Physical Education. Their study is always located in Vigo di Fassa and is called FassaPower.