From 1 January 2018 the two municipalities, Vigo di Fassa and Pozza di Fassa have joined a new municipality, precisely Sèn Jan di Fassa

So our Chalet Nata is now part of the new municipality of Sèn Jan di Fassa, a union desired by the citizens who, called to a referendum in 2016, voted overwhelmingly in favor of the union (over 80% of the votes were for the union). The municipality of Sèn Jan di Fassa therefore includes the inhabited centers of Pozza di Fassa, Vigo di Fassa and the towns of Pera di Fassa, Costa, Larzonei (Larcionè), Monzon (Muncion), Passo Carezza / Costalunga, San Giovanni, Tamion, Val and Vallonga.

The name “Sèn Jan” derives from the village of “San Giovanni” that symbolizes the union of the two municipalities, as the most important historical and cultural place in the Val di Fassa in the past. The new municipality has 3,532 inhabitants (2,275 from Pozza di Fassa and 1,257 from Vigo di Fassa), becoming in fact the most populous municipality of the Val di Fassa.

For now continue to look for us under the town of Vigo di Fassa, since it will take months, if not years, before all the surfers, Google Maps and similar are updated. Also the CAP of Vigo di Fassa is changing from 38039 to 38036.

If you want to know more about the new fusion, then on the new municipality of Sèn Jan di Fassa, you can consult the official website::