Is increasingly popular winter sports that adapts to all, even the least athletic and can thus discover views and unique views in the valley. It is a winter walk with snowshoes, snowshoeing also calls.

Snowshoes (or snowshoe) is a tool that allows you to move easily walk on the fresh snow as it increases trampled surface and therefore also the ‘floating’, typically used in activities of hiking on snowy environment. Initially were made of braided rope and wood, today are mostly of plastic or similar material. The name “snowshoe” is a term of Ladin Nones (Non Valley), it has entered the common parlance after the success of “La Ciaspolada”, a competitive race with precisely Snowshoeing.

From still report that there are a few safe routes in the valley and that not all paths that usually can be covered in summer you can altresi runs in the winter, because of the high avalanche risk exists in all exposed sections with more or less steep slopes.

And to encourage the use of the Chalet Nata we make available to our guests some snowshoes, both for non-skiers and is for skiers who want to try new experiences.